Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill

I’ve long wanted to try Fumari brand shisha as I’ve read a lot of good things about it.  So I finally sent away for three 100g packs of it.  This review is the first pack I’ve tried – Mint Chocolate Chill.

Setup: 30″ Mya Obelisk with cloisonette stem –  Nammor hose with Crown glass tip

Coals: Coconaras

Foil: Doubled up heavy duty reynolds

Bowl: Crown Classic 2.0

Smell: The smell is like smelling pure cocoa mixed with mint.  – 8/10

Taste: I’ve had cocoa flavored shisha before and wasn’t a huge fan.  I prefer a sweeter, chocolate flavor which I honestly have not yet found in any shisha.  However, the mint/cocoa blend went down very smooth and was extremely refreshing.  The flavor lasted well into my second round of Coco’s – 9/10

Smoke Quality:  Fumari seems to be known for their clouds and their reputation is well-deserved.  My Crown Classic doesn’t crank out the clouds quite like my Tangiers large funnel but the clouds were massive.  The smoke was slightly less dense in quality than other brands but high in volume.  Most importantly, the smoke never got harsh even when I was cranking 3 fresh Coco’s for a while.   9.5/10

Buzz:  Almost non-existent buzz for me but another friend who doesn’t smoke much felt relaxed – 2/10

Notes:  A very good start for the Fumari brand.  I like the resealable pouches that their stuff comes in.  Overall, I have high hopes for the other flavors I ordered and am curious about some of the other flavors I passed up on my initial order.  This shisha was very low maintenance, which is a huge plus.  The very low buzz is something to notice, however, that’s one of the smallest factors in my overall score of a shisha.

Overall score 8.5/10