Hookah Buying Guide

This page is under construction.  When complete, it will give you the complete picture of what to do when buying a hookah!


What sort of hookah should you buy?  This is a great question and one that I’ve helped friends answer.  Here are the various questions people ask when buying a hookah:

How tall should I get?  I have not personally noticed much different between the various sizes of hookahs.  I have a Mya QT which is only 14 inches tall that produces monster clouds.  I also have hookahs over 30 inches tall.  Here are the real reasons to buy different sizes hookahs.  Where will you be smoking it?  If you need something portable, get something small.  If are putting your hookah on a table to smoke it, get something smaller.  The reason being, you will have to stand up to adjust the coals if your hookah is 30+ inches and your table is 20 inches.  That’s inconvenient.  If you care about asthetics, the taller hookahs are generally better looking.  There are theories about taller hookahs cooling the smoke longer down the stem but I use ice in my vase so that’s a non-issue.

How much should I spend?   There are several price ranges for hookahs.  I’ll try to be helpful by classifying hookahs into Four price ranges: Cheap, Quality, Premium and Exotic.  Cheap hookahs are 20-50 dollars and are many times off-brands that use shoddy parts and poor construction.  You can expect these hookahs to fall apart after 6 months.    Quality hookahs are normally the top brands and range from 40-100 dollars.  These hookahs start with good brands but small sizes up to good brands and medium sizes.  You normally are not getting a lot of cosmetic appearance but a high-functioning hookah that you can depend on.  Premium hookahs are 80-150 dollars and are normally Mya or KM hookahs that are classic styles and look fantastic.  You can’t go wrong with any of these hookahs in this price range.  Exotic hookahs are normally 125-300 dollars.  Only buy these if you can’t live without the coolness of how they look.  If they aren’t a top brand, don’t count on how they will smoke.  You are probably paying for the aesthetics.

What brand should I buy?  There are two Giants in the hookah world that are discussed when it comes to mainstream quality.  Khalil Mamoon and Mya Saray.  Both companies make excellent hookahs that have their own strengths and weaknesses.  I can highly recommend either of these brands without fail.  Khalil Mamoon hookahs are hand-made in Egypt.  Each one is an actual hand-made work of art.  There is something extremely cool about that.  They also smoke very well but there is the small risk of imperfections and bad welds as a result.  Mya Saray hookahs are made in China and are machine-made.  They will be perfect but they will also be exactly like your friend’s Mya Saray hookah.   I’ve personally found that my Mya’s smoke slightly better than my Khalil Mamoon but this is a hotly debated topic on the internet.  One additional difference is that each company uses different purge valves.  I can’t claim to fully understand the differences but both purge valves work just fine for me.

Should I get a multi-hose hookah or a single-hose:  Single hose hookahs smoke the best, period.  Let me expand on that statement.  Smoking a hookah out of the main hose will always be better than smoking it out of a secondary opening hose.  So if getting the biggest, purest clouds is your top priority, go with a single hose hookah.  With Mya’s, you can add additional ports by purchasing steel adapters that screw into your hookah.  However, each of these adapters requires a seal that has the chance to be less than airtight.  Furthermore, those additional adapters rely on ball bearings to seal when someone else is sucking.  For these reasons, a single-hose hookah is normally going to outperform a multi-hose hookah.  With that being said, my four-hose adapter Mya is my best performing hookah 🙂  So besides performance, think about who will be smoking your hookah.  Just you or you and a sig other?  Or a bunch of friends who you would prefer to not share a hose with?  Mouthpiece tips get old and annoying to swap out so get a multi-hose adapter so people can have their own hose.




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